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 International Financial Consultants Ltd augments its international capabilities through its active involvement with the world’s leading global market investment banking firms.  

 One of the most important tools for investors to build a diversified portfolio is the ability to identify attractive investment opportunities across the world. As the global economy recovers, each region, country and sector is being shaped by their unique drivers at a slightly different pace. 

Thomas Cronin President


  A dynamic entrepreneur, Global senior executive, founder and investor in sustainable businesses, and an inspired leader, helping people to rise to their highest potential, with 35 years of experience creating value-driven strategic growth in multiple aspects of business functions, formation, planning, operation, finance, strategic management, and leadership, delivering value for stakeholders.  

Bank and Broker Loan Procurement Evaluation


There are many illicit bankers/brokers who provide Bank loans and loan guarantees with excessive fees attached and never deliver the funds. We investigate the source of funds and the brokers involved before you pay them any fee saving our clients hundreds of thousands of funds paid to frauds. If they are approved we guarantee the loan commitment from the issuing bank.


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